1:1 Consultation

Prior to the initial consultation, the completion of a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire (NTQ) is required. The information included within this form will give me a general idea of your current concerns and any areas that may need to be focused on within the initial consultation.

You will also be asked to complete a food diary for 3 days, showing, where possible, an honest representation of all food and drinks consumed within that period. This paperwork is either available to download and print out, or alternatively a paper copy can be sent out on request.


The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will last approximately 90 minutes and throughout this time I will gain a more thorough understanding of you and your life, discussing any relevant health concerns and also finding out about your relationship with food, your current dietary habits and any lifestyle choices or restrictions.

Through this evaluation I will be able to see which systems and areas within your body may benefit from additional support. I will then explain in detail, how and why making small but significant dietary and lifestyle changes, specific to your individual needs, could promote optimum wellness and balance within your body.

As I am fully aware that change is sometimes very difficult to incorporate into our lives, I will spend time within the consultation discussing and creating a delicious balanced food plan that will be both sustainable and enjoyable for you. I will endeavour to arm you with knowledge that will help you make informed food choices in the future, enabling a lifelong healthy balanced relationship with food.

To enhance the therapy, supplements may also be suggested, but this will be entirely at your discretion.

Price: £105


Follow up consultations

As change is a slow and gradual process, it is recommended that at least one follow-up consultation is booked for about 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.

This session will last approximately 45 minutes, and will assess the level of progress made, address any additional concerns and revise the food plan accordingly. Furthermore, we will continue together to implement beneficial changes to enhance and promote optimum living.

Price: £75



Food Diary

Nutritional Therapy and Wellbeing Questionnaire

Terms of Engagement between the Nutritional