What People Say

I certainly enjoyed life but found myself succumbing to illnesses more and more frequently. Initially I would go and see my GP who put me on a course of antibiotics on several occasions to fight the symptoms. However, this seemed to only have the effect of briefly suppressing the illness before its swift return.It was at this point that I went to see Sally who slowly made a few dietary changes. In the first few weeks I have to confess that I suffered from the occasional head ache and saw spots on my face that I thought had been banished to my teenage years. However, I persevered, as the prospect of going back to my GP for more antibiotics was no longer a viable option. By the end of the second week I was starting to feel noticeably better. After a month I felt better than I could remember! In the end I kept the diet up for six months.It became a happy habit and I believe re awakened my love of natural, well prepared food. But more importantly I wasn't ill once during those six months. However, the best test of Sally's ideas and suggestions was that to this day I still enjoy excellent health and benefit from a very robust immune system. And although I do now enjoy a glass or two of beer or wine, and eat steak with chips, I truly believe the solid foundation those six months provided continues to keep me in good health.

Bruce Compton, London