A new discovery!

Well, up until Sunday, I thought I had fully covered the A’s and moved unto the vast quantity of B’s. I’m sure though, a few of you may well have thought that I had missed out Artichoke, but hold fire, as these beauties are to be listed under their different varieties later in the game! However, on reading the paper over my anniversary breakfast on Sunday (11 years by the way), I discovered Agretti, something I and most of the population had not heard of! Agretti is like a land seaweed and tastes a bit like samphire apparently. Although, it does not look like I will be trying it anytime soon, as British sources have all been snapped up and I can’t even grow it myself as seeds have also sold out and are now on pre-order for 2016. This high demand is due to celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver using it and bringing it to our attention. It is difficult to find out the exact nutritional benefits of this new wonder vegetable as of yet, but it looks a little like chives and is seasonal in Spring, so if you see some buy it and give it a go. If you don’t like it, you can always auction it off to the highest celebrity chef bid, check out attached article!


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